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Kayla The Great 

 "Helllllloooo! I'm Kayla The Great!"  

Kayla Richards is a sweet, confident, mischievious 6 year-old girl who lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia. The name "Kayla The Great" came from her grandfather because as he puts it: "Kayla is the greatest granddaughter in the world!"

Kayla's big, brown & blonde, curly hair is product/result of her biracial background. Her mom is white and her dad is African American. Kayla has older twin brothers and lots of fun friends.  When she's not at school, spending time with her family or playing with her friends, Kayla hangs out with her dog Sunshine.  

Kayla is very smart and always manages to get herself into a pickle.  She’s clever and comes up with different ways to get out of situations.  Her endearing spirit always shines through even when she’s in trouble.  

Kayla shows off her spunky personality in bright, colorful outfits. Always outspoken, 

she marches to the beat of her own drum and makes no apologies for it. Kayla loves the color red and her favorite dress is the subject of the first book in the "Kayla The Great" series.  

When her beloved red dress comes up missing, Kayla goes on a mission to find it. Follow her to discover why the dress is so important to her and whether or not she'll find it.

About Kayla The Great